general practice

The Law Offices of Thomas M. McIntosh provides a full range of Services to all of our clients.  This ranges from simple legal advice and guidance involving issues of your case to specific instructions showing the best legal strategy to follow in order to ensure you will obtain the most beneficial results regarding your litigation.   We are a small enough firm to be able to provide the personal attention you deserve, backed by decades of legal experience ensuring you receive quality legal representation. 

probate, trusts and estates

We provide Probate services for those families in need of assistance following the death of a loved one.  The passing of a family member is unfortunately a situation everyone will eventually be faced with.  Your family will be handled with comfort and the sensitivity you deserve during this difficult time, while providing the top level of legal representation to ensure your family's estate is administered and distributed as per the wishes of the decedent.  We provide estate planning for individuals as well as married couples.  We prepare Trusts, Living Wills, Pour-Over Wills along with Financial and Medical Power of Attorney.

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Our firm has handled hundreds of personal injury cases resulting from automobile accidents, work related injuries, boating accidents, sports injuries and even animal related injuries.  We have worked with most all of the insurance agencies out there and in most cases have negotiated a substantial settlement for our clients before ever having to go through the arduous and costly expense of a Trial. 

business contracts

We provide services involving the preparation of new contracts, revisions of old contracts, amendments to contracts and litigation involving current business contracts.  We cover all types of entities such as sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations and LLC's.

Real Estate transactions

We provide Real Estate Transaction services involving the preparation of real property purchases, sales and leases, amendments to all real estate agreements and litigation of any real estate conflicts.  Our firm provides services for title transfers, quitclaim deeds, grant deeds, preliminary change of ownership and property tax exclusion.  We can provide service for Unlawful Detainers, both commercial or residential.  We can obtain judgments, writs, perform bank levies property liens and wage garnishments.